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#70303 - It was now almost pitch black, she was scared, and very uncomfortable as to what might happen next? OMG What did Mistress “M” have in store for her? All was quiet as the sinful pain that “M” had inflected on her buttocks cunt lips and clit had turned into a rather warm glow! The stuff she had rubbed on her nipples cunt and clit at first was wonderful, this had left her with a pleasurable sensual and very content feeling! But it slowly gave way to a desire for incredible sexual relief and as time went on this feeling needed to be attended to, but. Mistress “M” then cracks the doubled up whip in the palm of her hand several times to accent her training requirements! The first position she goes on to say, that you need to learn and master as an obedieant and well trained slave, is the “Oral Position”! This is a position required in order to perform oral stimulation on a new master or anyone that has paid the price to own a well trained slave that you will become! She then e

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