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#202715 - Summer came up and cuddled alongside my naked body just muttering one word in my ear Happy birthday then continued to cuddle me i was still curious as to why she licked me out earlier i had no idea she was into girls i just had to ask her what it was like witch i did what do you mean whats it like she questioned i asked her questions like what did i taste like? has she licked other girls out before? well duh ive had sex with more girls than guys i think might be even im not sure Summer replied but to my other question Summer walked her fingers down along my inner thigh and explored a part of my pussy that wasn't blasted with cum then brought it up to my lips i moved my mouth open to taste myself apart from the obvious taste of cum i could taste my own pussy and all i could say to her was that it makes me feel naughty and excited Summer then went straight otu and asked me if i wanna know what its like to have sex with a girl i told her i wouldn't know where to s

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