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#64226 - There we stood all five of us looking down on her like ravenous lions eyeing their prey, i whispered an idea to the tall spaniard, he smiled and nodded so i went downstairs and brought a crate of beers back up, when i came back in the two blacks had her bikini off and her pinned on the bed face down while they fingered her holes, jenni's long tanned legs spread wide KY jelly lubricating her holes, big black fingers slipping in and out of her, her muffled screams into the pillow, damn if i didn't have a hardon there and then. I reasoned they just didn't want to get caught, 5 of the africans ran up the steps past me and they were gone. With that thick nob in her she looked wonderful, then not unexpectedly she moved herself back and forth on it, without making a sound she swung from side to side back and forth eyes closed, The gunman said to the penetrator get off her NOW, I want that arsehole.

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