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#270761 - My mums prediction came true and at last my vulva took on the proportions more akin to the rest of my body, making my clitoris appear even larger and my feelings were more intense even though I was disappointed that my breasts stayed small and the rest of my body shape did not alter. He spent time showing me how to handle it and then I tentatively took over, giggling as he gasped and moaned as I slowly masturbated him and it pulsed and jumped in my hand. Things changed rapidly as it was he who advanced and started to remove my clothing and I was weakly protesting and struggling slightly, beetroot red by the time he stepped back to look at my very immature looking body now I just my panties on, no need for a bra even now so I was all but naked at last.

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Ruri umeki
Want that cock too
Hikari sakishima
The queen of armpits huh hahah thanks
Blue mary
Im glad she got what she wanted