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#339609 - ” my mouth flopped open “and as for Susan, before we went away she was a nightmare, which is why we went on holiday, then to come home to find her as nice as pie, it doesn’t take a genius to work that out. With instinct I just said “Shhh not all men are that arsehole and wont tell a sole about what happened tonight. She exactly the same, but kissed my balls a bit longer, the did this for about 5 minutes, she then opened her robe to reveal her gorgeous body no ounce of fat on her, her tits were the same as Stacy’s, but a little bit bigger and her pussy was freshly shaven, she stopped sucking me, then lifted her legs either side of arms of the chair and ordered “eat your mothers pussy” with no second invitation needed I dropped to my knees, played with her pussy lips, then started lick them from the bottom right up to the clitoris, I could feel she was getting wet, I pushed my tongue into her hole, then out again, I then began suck her clitoris and inserted my index and middle fingers,

Read Latino 女騎士な幼なじみがヤリチンにNTRれた話 - Original Tittyfuck 女騎士な幼なじみがヤリチンにNTRれた話

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Alicia melchiott
I think that she talks about the size of her muscles and how she can crush me i say try it bitch and you gonna find out your muscles are not shit