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#170284 - He began to move his hips, slowly at first, teasing her, and teasing himself, allowing himself to get used to the stimulation right after orgasm. Lorraine cautiously moved to the edge of the catwalk, gripping one of the bars that held up the handrail for dear life as John activated the grinder and dropped her sopping panties in, the grinder tore them to shreds with such force that her pussy juice was thrown up in splinters of liquid and she sat amazed at how her underwear had disappeared before her eyes ‘Do not fuck me around, or that will be your head’ John threatened before, out of nowhere, snapping a steel collar around her neck, attached to a chain, he tugged firmly on the chain and ordered ‘Get up’ Lorraine complied and got to her feet, she then allowed John to circle behind her and he grabbed her wrists forcefully, tying them together in the small of her back. He took note of the way she used sex to keep control of his father, the way she looked at him with a slight disdain,

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