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#415020 - Arriving at the doors he placed his hand on the frame, taking one step outside and looking towards the sunlounger, where she had been, where she wasn’t. He felt his heart skip a beat, experiencing a sensation of loss he never thought he could feel in such a brief time about such a taboo thing, then he heard her, felt her. He pressed down, taking the tip of her cock between his lips, his fingers squeezing as he stroked the lower portion of her cock, his soft lips gently caressing over the silky smoothness of her cockhead, letting it press against his spongy tongue, leaving a trail of pre across his tastebuds, indulging him in the taste of her as his lips settled behind the crown of her tip.

Read Tease AzuLan Shikoshiko Bokou Seikatsu 3 - Azur lane Hung AzuLan Shikoshiko Bokou Seikatsu 3

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