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#409295 - hello she answerd 'Hi sexy is it safe to come on over or is Rodger home i asked ''no no baby its safe come on over ill be in my room waiting when u get here she replyed'' ok sweety bye i said bye baby walking to the her house i stoped bye the store to buy her a pack of smokes and some condoms as i continued to walk down her street i began to have a rock hard throobing cock thinking about all the dirty stuff we have done and all the new shit i wanted to try. my eyes got huge all i could think to my self was fuck yes its finaly happing i finaly get to fuck that juicey cunt i nodded yes she walked over me and droped slowly to her knees and touched my dick so gently she spread her pussy lips and watched my cock head dissaper into her she went down on the rest of it until her ass meet my balls she leaned forward and began kissing me as she rocked back and forth my cock slowly slding in and out of her i kissed her neck agian and went to her huge

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