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#281532 - So now after two weeks both were kinkier than ever, and I set up a group bi fuck for us all this weekend. I had invited some 12 or more guys, all knowing that when we have a open group fuck, if they know some one who would be keen to play, and is the kind of guy we like, that they can bring them along, some times 12 turns into 20, and tonight looked like it was going to be a big night too, as I had told them about Kim and Stu being involved as well. The kids were keen to try more guys especially Kim who wanted to feel different cocks in her pussy or arse, Stu was also up for fun, so Saturday night we began playing, a short while later the guys turned up, upon seeing Kim's great body, both guys soon got a hard on and made straight for her, I watched as she took them on, both wanting to fuck her first, but Frank's big cock won out as Kim sat down on it, plunging it right in first go, Dave took her mouth, while Stu and I made sure Sue was happy with 2 cocks in her, he

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