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#230649 - I came like five times and each orgasm was incredible, especially in the throes of getting my ass pounded in a frenzy! Finally though, they were out of gas and semen, and they called it quits, but not before my hostess had her fun! She walked up to my ass and pulled me ass apart to show how big the gape was, and reached around and pulled me up and turned me around. Oral jizz baths were fine, but not in my pussy, and not in my ass unless you had a clean report less than a week old. Consequently, I'd only done bareback anal four times, all with the same guy, who was mostly straight (the most he'd ever done with guys was get blow jobs and jerk them off once in awhile.

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Ilfriede von feulner
You should do a joi one day
Koushi sugawara
Her ass is amazing